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For any lurkers out there...

I thought I'd post this, 'cos it kinda proves how you can be reminded of GPF anywhere. I was listening to radio 4 here in the UK when this came on about slime moulds - I couldn't really listen properly though - I kept seeing Fred and Persephone! Yeah, not very exciting, but hey! at least I'm posting ;D

Slime mould

Despite the name, they're not slimy or mouldy. Slime mould is a single celled amoeba, found in soils around the world.

But when times get hard, these simple cells join together to form a new slug-like creature. In a strange example of social altruism, some cells commit suicide allowing others to reproduce.

Quentin Cooper finds out more about slime mould from Dr Chris Thompson from the University of Manchester.

Prof Adrian Harwood from Cardiff University explains how these simple creatures could be used to improve drugs for manic depression.
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